About Regional International Idealease


Full Service Lease

  • All predictable maintenance is included in a full-service lease. This takes our customer out of the maintenance business and allows Idealease to be responsible for all preventative maintenance, oil and filter changes, lubrication, repairs, parts, labor and tires.
  • Lease equipment will carry your company logo and colors. Regular maintenance and vehicle washings add to the professional image your vehicles convey to your customers and others.
  • Substitute vehicles can be provided when your regular trucks need to be out of service a day or two. This valuable service can be included in your full service lease rate.
  • Costs that you can budget are another advantage of a full service lease. Your monthly lease payment is a fixed expense so you can predict your transportation budget for the entire length of the vehicle’s term.
  • In addition to providing equipment and maintenance, the Idealease full Service Lease can include fuel tax reporting, licensing services, safety and compliance service, emergency roadside assistance and more.


Idealental customers rely on us to provide high performance rental vehicles at a moment’s notice. We understand the importance of having access to rental equipment during breakdown repairs, emergency situations, or when a sudden increase in business requires extra trucks and tractors to keep your deliveries on schedule.

Idealease locations offer a variety of truck rental equipment. You’ll find straight trucks, day cab and sleeper tractors, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, trailers, and even specialized equipment in our rental fleet. Rental terms are designed to meet your needs. Vehicles may be rented for one day or for months at a time. Our rental fleet allows our customers the ability to manage increases in demand, emergency situations and repair schedules.

For large fleets with multiple locations in North America, Idealease also offers the Idealease North American Rental Program for an easy way to rent trucks from Idealease. The program offers consistent pricing, one-time credit approval, and one insurance documentation, credit approval, pricing and service requirements are issued from our corporate office to our field locations. Our full service lease and rental customers are then able to secure truck rental equipment from any Idealease facility without the hassle of setting up individual accounts.

A Better Way to Go Green

Idealease, the industry’s premier truck leasing and rental company, provides out lease and rental customers with Green Solutions using International® vehicles. International is a member of SmartWay Transport, a partnership between the freight industry and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that promotes fuel efficient vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Idealgreen Vehicles

Aerodynamic changes to Idealease vehicles over the past 5 years have increased fuel efficiency by as much as 5%. Our ‘green’ specifications further increase fuel efficiency, making Idealgreen Vehicles the most fuel efficient trucks and tractors on the road.

  • Idealgreen Vehicles are equipped with anti-idling shutdown controls that reduce engine idling time. Trucks and tractors without shutdown controls idle approximately 42% of the time, while vehicles with shutdown controls idle less than 10% of the time. This anti-idling feature is integrated into Idealgreen trucks and tractors to reduce needless fuel consumption.
  • Idealgreen Vehicles feature electronic speed control settings that allow you to set a maximum speed on a vehicle to save fuel and reduce carbon emission. For every mile a vehicle operates over 55 mph there is a reduction of 0.1 mpg in fuel economy.
  • Idealgreen Vehicles can be equipped with aerodynamic packages that can save 4% to 6% in fuel consumption, depending on the application. The Eaton UltraShift transmission in an International DuraStar truck provides an additional savings of 2%-10% in fuel expense.
  • Green Tractor Trailer Options: Tractors with Super Single tires can increase in mpg savings. ATI tire inflation systems keep tires at an even pressure to ensure consistent fuel economy. A tire that is under-inflated by 20% results in a 2% reduction in miles per gallon.